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Testimonials & Feedback

"I actually closed on my second flip yesterday. I made a profit of $109,000!! It was a vacant house and I was persistent with the owners before they were finally ready to sell. Everything you hear about being persistent and following up is TRUE! Not everyone will be ready to sell right away, but you need to be the person they think of when that time comes. And it will come. I joined the DFA Launchpad because I want to do consistent deals and fill my pipeline. I plan on going into this business full-time soon. I'm glad to be here and can't wait to get to know the whole TTM family!!"

~ Doug

"My second deal is in the books! A wholesale land deal netting me $7,500!"

~ Nate

"Thanks again for creating the DFA Launchpad and having our "Backs". I'm on it and I'm focused on what matters right now, thanks to you and your team."

~ Tracy

What do I get when I become a Member?

Private Member-Only Facebook Group - Group Feedback, Discussion, Ideas & Questions

Direct Email Correspondence w/ Our Team

Marketing List Support

Group Coaching Webinars

Feature: "Starting Your REI Business" Guide

Creating Your Business Entity & Using DBA's

Mailing Address options

LLC's vs S Corp

Branding & Logo Design Services

Marketing Material Print Services

Online and Social Media

Email Domain Name

Phone System Options


Business Model Focus

Market Analysis & Areas to Focus your marketing

Direct Mail marketing Lists

Marketing Pieces

Marketing Campaigns

Seller Negotiations

Other Forms of Marketing - IP Targeting, PPC, Bandit Signs

Business Models - Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Rentals

Growing your business - Private Money, Consistency

Feature: Webinars & Videos on the Following Topics:

Facebook Ad Campaigns for Sellers

Steps to Establish a Solid Business Foundation

Business Models

Market Analysis

Online Tools to Build Brand Equity

Phone Systems

Direct Mail Marketing Concepts & Strategies

Direct Mail Marketing Pieces

Feature: Uploaded Files Available to You:

Purchase & Sale Agreement Example / Addendum Example

Hand Written Letter Example

Standard Print Letter Example

"Sell To TTM" Postcard Examples

Deed of Trust Investor Letter (Raise Private Money)

Driving For Dollars List - Excel Format Example

Business Card Example

Property Information Lead Sheet for Seller Calls

Real Dealz Monthly Subscription

Audio Webinar Links:

Online Marketing Webinar

Negotiating With Sellers Webinar

Your Offer & Sales Price Webinar

Short Sales Webinar

Private Money Webinar

Rehabbing 101 Webinar

Business Building & Hiring Employees Webinar

Why You Should Choose The DFA Launchpad:

Looking To Do Your First Deal?

We give you all the vital step-by-step information to get you started, without it being overwhelming!

First Class Support

Our team is available to answer any questions that you have. If you need further clarification on concepts or strategies, were here to help!

Connect With Our Network

Need to network and sell your deals?  No problem, we already have a DFA Member in your area ready to buy your wholesale deals.

Your Goals, Met And Exceeded

We will give you all the tools you need to succeed in this business as well as help you with marketing, structuring deals and making money!


At Checkout, you'll have the option to add our Best Selling "Negotiating With Sellers" Training, which includes over 40 hours of Audio and Video Tutorials!  These recordings are all real calls our Acquisitions Manager has made, in a variety of seller situations.  

It also includes an extensive Seller FAQ, so you know how to respond if sellers ask difficult questions, as well as guides on the Life of an Escrow and Road Map to a Title Policy.  Everything is included to enable you to better answer seller questions, better understand the entire transaction, be more confident on the phone and most important, to instill confidence in sellers so that they sell to you!

We're also offering our "Flipping Teardowns" Training (PDF & MP3) that teaches you how to find Teardown properties that you can then wholesale to builders!  This is a very profitable niche that many investors use to make Six Figure Paychecks!

Both of these products are being offered at 60% OFF their original price!

Trusted by Thousands of Real Dealz Podcast Listeners 
and Over 100 DFA Members Nationwide. 

Tucker and his Team Deliver!

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